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Автор Тема: немецкие карты 1939 года с пометками военнопленного шталага VIII B  (Прочитано 3823 раз)


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My father was in Stalag VIIIB from June 1940 - Jan 1945 and took part in the march from Lamsdorf into Germany Jan - April 1945. He left a map (German 1939 roadmap) detailing the route he took and I am attching links to the 5 relevant pages. On the first map the march starts at Lamsdorf 21/1/1945. He notes (in the margin) Cosel timber yard so I assume that may have been where he was detailed to work during his captivity. At the end of the march he told us he escaped and found his way to American forces which might explain his date of 12th April as reports of this march tend to date the columns finding the Americans about a week later.

I hope these maps are OK. Using Photbucket I have found that you can enlarge maps to a variety of sizes so are clearly and legible. I don't know if the maps can be taken off Photobucket but I have copies on my PC so maybe can send them if you have an interest.
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